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ŁÓDŹ-BAŁUTY (brak miejsc)
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Xmagazyn - x możliwości magazynowych

We offer modern, self-service storage boxes for rent, available 24 hours a day. It’s an ideal solution for private- sector and companies. Warehouse space will be used during renovation, relocation, as an additional storage room or garage. 

Here companies can store documentation or advertising materiał, which they do not use on a daily basis. The boxes are available 24 hours a day and properly secured. The rental period is tailored to your needs. Use a self storage warehouse as part of your home, garage or office.

Possibility to register a company address when renting a warehouse!

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Garage needed?

Choose the right size of the warehouse for your needs, set the lease period that is convenient for you and move into your additional space. We offer warehouse space from 1m² to 10m².

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